Names of her TV heroes: Sam, Charlotte, Robin, Emilie, Léonard

Names of her TV heroes: Sam, Charlotte, Robin, Emilie, Léonard

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Her favorite heroes? Often those cartoons he sees on TV. Do not skip the idea and make it the heroes of your selection of names for your baby! Sam, Charlotte, Robin, Emilie, Leonard: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these names.


  • Sam Sam? Children are fans of the adventures of this cosmic hero on his Samplanet! A good name idea for your future star.
  • Mixed first name, Sam is a diminutive of Samuel, of Hebrew "chmuel" or "shemu'el", which means his name is God.
  • The prophet Samuel took the head of the people of Israel and fought victoriously against the Philistines. He was also nicknamed "the maker of kings", because under the pressure of the people, he established the kingship for the benefit of Saul, then David. The Jewish tradition considers it almost as important as Moses.
  • His party : August 20th.
  • Its derivatives: Samy, Samuel.


  • Been to Fraisi-Paradis? It's the pretty magic country, made of sweets and cakes Strawberry Charlotte. A treat for your child and a name full of sweetness for your future baby!
  • Female name, Charlotte is the feminine of Charles, which comes from the Germanic "karl", meaning virile. This name appeared in the 15th century.
  • Sainte Charlotte, doyenne of the Carmelites of Compiegne, was guillotined during the last days of the Terror in Paris, in 1794. This name was a great success in the English-speaking countries and in Germany from the 18th century. In France, Charlotte is a timeless, who appears very often in the civil registry.
  • His party : July 17th.
  • Its derivatives: Carlotta (Italy), Carlota (Spain), Charlene, Charline.

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