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What are children dreaming about?

What are children dreaming about?

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Have a nice holiday? Have a great job? What can the children of today dream of? The Fnac Eveil et Jeux asked the 4-11 year olds what their dearest wishes were.

Interviewed by Fnac Eveil et Jeux, 300 children aged 4 to 11 told the three dreams they would like to see if they had a magic wand.

  • Spontaneously, the dream number 1 of children is to spend a dream vacation (13.8%), followed by the wish to have a super job later (13.4%), to have plenty of toys (11.5%), to have an animal of company (10.2%) or still doing large activities (7.6%).
  • Note that dreams vary according to the sex of the child. While girls give more importance to the family (29%) and animals (27%), boys prefer leisure and activities (33%) and then the family (28%).

Toys always have a rating

  • This study also confirms the importance of the toy for kids. When asked 4-7 years of age on their childhood dream, "having lots of toys" comes in second place (13.8%). An answer that also persists among the 8-11: they are 9.2% to dream of dolls, garages and other games.
  • An attraction for games that we also find when asked the children what would be their ideal school: they are 13% to wish "with more games" and 11% to dream of a school "where you learn by playing".

Stéphanie Letellier

Study published in October 2010.