What is the purpose of monitoring?

What is the purpose of monitoring?

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Monitoring accompanies all pregnancies, simple or at risk, from the first to the ninth month. This device allows you to record the heartbeat of the baby and, as the term approaches, the contractions of the mother. Guided tour.

  • Monitoring is mostly used in late pregnancy to make sure everything is fine.
  • If, around the term, a woman has not given birth, it can predict a trigger.
  • On D-day, during labor, most maternity hospitals put monitoring continuously.
  • The sensors are placed on the belly of the mother. The first sensor is used to record the heartbeat of the baby. The second records the contractions. On the screen, the midwife can then monitor the baby's heart rate and the contraction curve.
  • During pregnancy, monitoring can also monitor women with a particular pathology (gestational diabetes, hypertension ...) or women waiting for a baby who is stunted and need to be monitored a little more regularly, one to two times per week.