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His basic pharmacy

His basic pharmacy

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A fever in the middle of the night, a bump at the weekend ... if you do not want to run to the pharmacy on call, always have some essential products at your fingertips.

At the exit of the maternity

  • Eosin to dry the skin, especially for the care of the cord.
  • A soothing, protective and healing cream for diaper rash.
  • Emollient to soften the crusts of milk and promote their elimination.
  • Saline in pods to clean your baby's eyes and nose.

In case of fever

  • An electronic or non-contact thermometer to check your baby's temperature.
  • Paracetamol as a suppository for fever (ask your doctor for advice if you are unsure of the doses).

In case of gastroenteritis

  • Rehydration packs.

For dental flares

  • Camillia, a homeopathic solution to relieve your baby in case of toothache.

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