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Prepare to be evaluated

Prepare to be evaluated

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No excessive stress! The controls of yesteryear have evolved a lot. Your child will progress thanks to evaluations that punctuate the learning. Find out how it goes in detail and how to support your schoolboy.

  • The note is part of school life. The teacher has a role of restitution of the progress of each, vis-à-vis the various partners of the school - parents, children, institution. This transmission may take various forms, newsletters or booklets for example, with assessments and ratings given to evaluations. This term covers what you have known as "control" or "interrogation".

When does it start?

  • Your child is evaluated throughout his school career. Kindergarten is no exception and, without requiring revisions, your child is tested - but not noted - on various skills to acquire: rhyme numbers, writing simple words, restitution of small poems, recognition of a few words and reading ... The elementary school, it uses most often the note as base of its evaluation. From CP to CM2, assessments will be frequent with more and more varied content.

In class, how long does it last?

  • The evaluation comes back very regularly. The progress of each student is often estimated every week - dictation of words, knowledge of the multiplication tables for example. We must count on one or two weekly evaluations with reinforcement at the end of the period.
  • Rather than talk of quarter, as in college, primary school teachers cut the school year into five periods that serve as points of support: from the return to the holidays of Toussaint, from All Saints' Day to the Christmas holidays, Christmas winter holidays, winter holidays to Easter, and finally the end of the year. This division provides more flexibility in learning and is punctuated by a number of reports.

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