Your child 5-11 years

Will he be right-handed or left-handed?

Will he be right-handed or left-handed?

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Your child starts a drawing with one hand and finishes it with the other. Without looking disoriented for a penny! Which side will he end up favoring?

The number of left-handed children is estimated at 10%. Prejudices die hard, and sometimes worried parents bring their little "original" into consultation for fear that this is a learning difficulty. That they are reassured, to be left-handed is a simple peculiarity.

Before 5-6 years old, it's like he wants!

  • Laterality left / right is implemented very gradually since birth. The brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and the right the left side. As your child grows up, one of the two hemispheres becomes dominant. If it's right, your child can become left-handed.
  • Around age 4, when he was drawing or eating, your toddler would often hold his brush, or spoon, indifferently with one hand or the other.

At 6, the time has come to choose

  • It is only around 6 years that he will determine, at the moment of learning to write. A highly organized and complex system, writing must be practiced exclusively in one of two hands.
  • Writing indifferently to one or the other would indicate an inability of your child to make a choice. This indecision can have consequences on its structuring in space and on its graphics.
  • If the laterality of your child is not yet determined, inform the teacher. His role is essential when learning to write. She will help him choose the hand he feels most comfortable with. If he chooses for the left hand, she will advise him to place it under the line of writing, to bend the notebook so as not to sweep away what he has written. She will suggest that she move to the left of the school desk so as not to disturb her neighbor.
  • Feeling encouraged, your child will engage more confidently in the adventure of writing.

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