His apprentice gardener's material

His apprentice gardener's material

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By gardening, your child can easily understand the cycle of plant life, the notion of season ... but he also learns patience. And what a joy for him to see that his seedlings grow and that his plantations are small. Watering can, wheelbarrow, seeds ... our selection for your apprentice gardener.

His apprentice gardener's material (6 pics)

Wheelbarrow and accessories, Oxybul awakening and games

Made of strong plastic, this fully equipped wheelbarrow will delight your budding gardener who can imitate you by digging, planting, returning .... What work!
His price : 19,90 €.
More info here.

The primeur crate, Radis and Capucine

A child's play these vegetables to grow! Basil, arugula and radish are kept warm in this crate which also contains a bag of potting soil. Ideal for his first garden!
His price : 7,50 €.
More info here.

Seeds in organic madness, Truffaut

In this box, three sachets of seeds + a sachet of plant "friend". What inspire your beginner gardener!
His price : 9,95 €.
In Truffaut garden centers.

Ladybug watering can, Nature and discoveries

With this watering can, your child will rehydrate alone vegetables and plants. Covered with ladybugs, this watering can is very funny. Capacity: 1.5 l.
His price : 9,95 €.
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Garden clogs, Botanic

Waterproof plastic very soft and solid, here is a nice pair of clogs to go to the garden without getting dirty shoes or sneakers! In blue or pink, from 24 to 35.
Their price: 9,50 €.
List of botanical gardens Botanic here

A book to go further

Because knowing how to plant a strawberry wood, grow a hedge for small animals and even prepare a slice of bread Bear ... it is essential for a gardener.
My little wooded garden, D. Schulthess, ed. Carrot Feather.
His price : 12 €
More info here.