Another baby right now?

Another baby right now?

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A second pregnancy a few months from the previous one, you think about it, you even feel like it, but you wonder if it is reasonable. Our specialists answer your questions.

It is often said that it takes nine months to make a baby and nine to recover. Is it true ?

  • During pregnancyyour body is undergoing significant changes. To develop, the fetus draws on your reserves of iron and trace elements. These stocks are also used during breastfeeding: it takes time for them to rebuild after delivery or weaning.
  • The organs, them also, take weeks to recover their initial state.
  • Thanks to the action of hormones, who prepare the body for nine months at delivery, all the joints undergo relaxation especially in the lower back and pelvis.
  • Finally, the tissues are distended by weight gain and the modification of the silhouette. It is only after several weeks, if necessary, after the weaning and the return of diapers, that the body finds a new balance.

Can I be pregnant if I'm breastfeeding the elder?

If it is true that the risk of pregnancy is much lower when you breastfeed, it is not bad! In fact, it depends a lot on how breastfeeding is done.

  • If your baby is breastfed only, day and night, and that he sucks six times a day (each feeding lasts at least ten minutes), it is an exclusive breastfeeding. In this case, prolactin, the hormone secreted during this period, blocks ovulation, and precludes any risk of pregnancy.
  • In contrast, in case of mixed breastfeeding, that is, if your baby drinks bottles of supplements between feedings (less than five per day), the cycles are reinstalled. Ovulation occurs three to four weeks after the start of this breastfeeding rhythm. If the egg is not fertilized by a sperm, menstruation occurs two weeks later, it is the return of diapers.

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