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A new health book for babies

A new health book for babies

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Since April 2018, a new version of the health book is available for parents. This precious document, a real health passport that will follow your child up to the age of 16, contains all the information concerning his development and his health. We take stock of the news.

The new version of the 2018 health book

Click on the image to see the PDF of the 2018 notebook

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health has published the new model of the child's health record which is issued as of 1 April 2018. Established in 1939, this precious passport to the health of birth to adulthood had not changed since 2006.

The 2018 novelties:

  • The new version includes the 11 obligatory vaccinations since the beginning of the year (from 3 compulsory vaccines, it passes to 11 to make before 2 years)
  • The curves of growth (height and weight) are better adapted to new sizes of children. Upgraded, they were established by Inserm and also take into account gender at all ages, which was not the case before.
  • The new version also offers many tips for parents: do not expose the child under 3 years to screens (TV, computer, tablet, smartphone ...), ban headphones, place the bed of his baby in the room parents at least 6 months to reduce the risk of sudden death, use a crib without a bedstead, bottles guaranteed without bisphenol A (BPA) and if possible in glass, preventive advice to avoid the syndrome of shaken baby, reduce the use of cleaning products to the benefit of "single-component products (alcohol vinegar, black soap, etc.) at a moderate dose" ...
  • More info on the new health book

Where to get the health book?

  • You can get it from maternity, at the town hall at the time of the declaration of birth or in a center of PMI (maternal and child protection). It's free. In case of loss, you can contact the PMI to get another one.

What does it contain?

  • Information on the development of your little one since birth: his weight, his height, his cranial perimeter, the dates of his various acquisitions (when he sat down, his first steps, language, dentition). Thanks to him, the pediatrician or doctor will be able to reconstruct the growth curves (height and weight), essential to monitor the physical development of your child.
  • It also notes the circumstances of your pregnancy and childbirth, the main diseases, allergies, any surgical procedures, family history ... Important, it is a real medical database for health professionals who will see your child until he was 16 years old.
  • The health book also contains two certified pages devoted to your child's vaccinations. They have the value of vaccination certificate. You can photocopy them for presentation during medical visits or at the time of registration of your baby in community or school.
  • Practical, you will also find information and advice on the daily life of your toddler, its diet, sleep, health, safety ...

What confidentiality?

  • The use of this book is reserved for health professionals who will meet your child. Know that it can not be consulted without your agreement. The data entered are covered by medical confidentiality and strictly confidential. If you have to entrust it to a third person, think to do it in closed envelope by writing "secret medical".