Name Jézabel - Meaning and origin

Name Jézabel - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Derived from Judicaël, the name Jezebel comes from the Celtic terms "jud" and "hael" meaning respectively "Lord" and "generous".


Jezebel was the wife of the king of Israel Ahab reigning from -874 to -853.
Jezebel is also a Phoenician princess, daughter of Ithobaal I, the king of Tire from 887 to 855 BC.
In the Old Testament, his story is told in the Book of Kings. Jezebel was an impious and cruel queen who persecuted the religion of the Jews by introducing the worship of the Phoenician god Baal.
In the New Testament, she is mentioned in the book of John's Revelation as a prophetess who works so that the servants of Jesus Christ are lost in sins.
Jézabel Carpi is a French actress.
Jezebel Boisseau is a French actress known for her role in The Pink Devil of 1987.
Jezebel Gougeon is a famous French reflexologist.

His character :

Phlegmatically enough, Jezebel is a woman of a restless and reserved temperament. Having energy to spare, she has an extreme ambition. At first a little rough, it is yet shown an irreproachable delicacy. Enthusiastic in any situation, Jezebel is constantly moving. Because of its dynamism, it tends to act on impulses.
From a pleasant company, she is always ready to help. Conciliatory and tolerant, she has a strong generosity. Tender and shy, this person needs security and stability to flourish. An organized and elegant woman, Jezebel hates sloppiness and laziness.


Jezebel, Jezebel and Jezebel.

His party :

The festival dedicated to Jezebel is scheduled for December 17.

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