Name Kristelle - Meaning of the Name

Name Kristelle - Meaning of the Name

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The name Kristelle comes from the Latin word "Christus" which means "Messiah". This is one of the many derivatives of Christine.


Kristelle Lazaro is the 2008 winner of the Miss Philippines Earth Contest.
According to legend, St. Christina of Tire was a Christian of the third or fifth century. Her father still venerating the old gods, she broke the gold statues of the latter and offered the remains to the poor. Exasperated by this lack of respect for the pantheon of her ancestors, her father had her tortured to obtain her renunciation of Christianity. Not yielding to the wrath of her executioners, St. Christina of Tire was shut up in a cage full of serpents. The reptiles lost interest in her to throw themselves on a guard leaving him for dead. St. Christina of Tire brought man back to life and converted him to Christianity. Weary of her resistance, the pagans killed her by piercing her with several arrows.

His character :

Kristelle is a person who likes to be active. She has energy to spare and always finds an activity to take care of. Positive and reasonable, she is a smart woman with an inimitable sense of humor. She finds puns and puns with disconcerting ease. This is only one manifestation of his great passion for literature and new ideas. His head is a real machine to invent. She always finds a way to create new things. This is all the easier because his imagination is seconded by his great intelligence. Romantic, Kristelle is in search of great love.


Christina, Cristina, Christiana, Kristen, Christa, Christel, Christelle, Kirsten

His party :

The Kristelles are celebrated on July 24th.

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